According to a new study, the average Brit loses two friends for every stone lost while on a diet, with ‘jealousy’ deemed to be the leading reason for these fickle friendship fall outs.

The study, conducted by, began by asking respondents how much weight they had lost and if they felt their weight loss had made an impact on their life, to which 92% confirmed it had made a ‘significant positive impact’. So far, so good.

The top three positive changes that dieters noticed included feeling more confident, a more active social life and having more energy.

Respondents were then asked about the negative effects they had experienced as a result of losing weight, revealing that over four fifths of people had ‘lost friends’ during the course of their weight loss journey, with just under a third of dieters claiming they ‘missed junk food and drinks’ and a fifth stating that they ‘received unwelcome attention’ since slimming down.

The Vouchercloud team calculated the average friends lost per stone of weight loss and found that the average dieter sheds two friends alongside every stone.

The most popular reason why was thought to be ‘jealousy’, followed by ‘we grew apart due to my diet.’

We say, stick with it, slimmers. Those bitter friends of yours will only weigh you down…

Image credit: Thinkstock