The ocean’s scariest predator is a fascinating creature attracting an estimated 9000 tourists to Port Lincoln. Visitors want to see the creature in its natural habitat.

The owner of Adventure Bay Charters, Matt Waller has come up with a clever way for visitors to encounter sharks without getting wet.

“I could see there was an angle of people getting in there without getting wet, scared, too cold or impatient, all which can contribute to not having a good time,” said Waller.

He invented the first submersible glass viewing area, strong enough to plunge into depths where the sharks move about.

“It’s amazing how people can be entertained with wine, food and good stories,” said Waller. He claims that all the action shot in the blockbuster movie Jaws was shot at this very site.

The company does not use bait to attract sharks and is committed to preservation.

“This is a wildlife experience. We provide access to sharks – we do not promise sharks.”