However, have you ever thought of checking their fridge?

John Stonehill: R.D.E. (Refrigerator Dating Expert) has set up after getting a taste for checking fridges in the late 1990s.

Realising that the state of a person’s vegetable drawer said much more about them than their dress sense or dietary preferences, he developed a gift for predicting what a person’s fridge said about them, and now he’s helping the wider world make sense of their dates.

So far, the website’s been wildly popular. People have sent in snaps of fridges loading with protein drinks (and only protein drinks), and shelves groaning with out of date produce. John’s advice has earned him a legion of fans; he gives out advice such as: ‘This girl is cheap – look at her brands’ and ‘You know who else had a smelly fridge? Glenn Close.’

Our online editor Vicky even took a gamble with John and submitted some snaps of her fridge to see what kind of girlfriend she comes across as. You can read what he had to say about her fridge here, and it goes without saying she was delighted that John thought she was a good cook and ‘well-rounded’.

Image credit: Thinkstock