Voters have until 11 December 2015 to send in a postal ballot on which of five potential new flags they prefer. The winning design will then do battle with the existing flag – which features the second UK’s Union Jack – in a second referendum to be held next year.

Prime Minister John Key believes that the current flag doesn’t accurately represent modern New Zealand. Key is also of the opinion that the flag is frequently confused with Australia and says that the country needs one “that screams New Zealand.”

Four of the designs feature the fern – a national emblem of New Zealand – while the fifth has a curving koru Maori symbol.To help people make a decision, the five flags are being put on display across the country.

The Flag Consideration Panel received 10,292 entrants to its nationwide design competition. However 65 percent of New Zealanders have stated in a poll that they would prefer to keep their current flag.