Surrounded by bountiful oceans, blessed with a warm climate and brought up to farm succulent grassland, New Zealanders never go hungry. Whether it be chilling out around a beachside barbecue, catching up over a steaming hangi or dining in a top class restaurant, there’s always plenty of good food on the menu.

Eat meat

New Zealand lamb is renowned world wide for it’s succulent tenderness. The beef is good too, and venison is increasingly popular. A roast dinner with all the trimmings – especially kumara (sweet potato) and pumpkin – is a family staple.

Go fishing

Well, kind of – it’s seafood that’s a New Zealand speciality. Green-lipped mussels are a national favourite, and the country’s fresh oysters are sublime.

Wine time

There’s a good drop to be had in New Zealand’s wine regions. Pick up cellar door bargains on a tour the vineyards – Sauvignon Blanc is particularly fine.

Drink coffee

Café culture is big news in Wellington and Auckland. Watch the world go by over a huge bowl of frothy cappuccino or steaming flat white.

Have a hangi

You can’t miss a traditional Maori feast – steam cooked by piling rush baskets of meat and veg on top of hot rocks then burying the lot.

Sweet treats

Kiwi fruit (obviously) grow well in New Zealand. They’re divine piled high on a pavlova, or served with super-fresh dairy ice cream.