Kyle Dover of Denver’s KUSA-TV was talking to man who rescused an 85-pound dog from a freezing lake and bent over to pat the dog when it lunged for her and bit her face. 

Dyer needed 70 stictches in her lips and nose and her mouth is currently sewn shut  in order for a skin graft to  take hold forcing her to communicate through an iPad. 

The dog’s owners The Robinsons have issued a statement, saying: “’Max is current in his vaccinations. Max has no history of aggression. Max is a gentle, loving, family dog. Max is well mannered and obedient and he hardly barks.’

While Ms Dyer has been indudated witih get well soon messages, there are those who have commented on her facebook page that she was partly to blame for the accident and got too close to the animal, and others expressing concern that the animal will now be put down. 

You can wach the moment the attack happened below:

Photo: KUSA-TV.