A News Ltd barrister read an apology as part of a settlement in a defamation case brought by Barbara Ramjan against The Australian newspaper.

The affair began after journalist David Marr published claims by Ms Ramjan that Abbott, after losing a student election, put his face close to hers and then punched the wall either side of her head.

Abbott denied the incident and Kroger labelled Ramjan a “nutter” in a series of interviews.

“The Australian apologises to Ms Ramjan for any suggestion that she lied about those events and acknowledges that the recollection of those events was contested by all participants, who were sincere in what they recalled,” said Tom Blackburn SC in court today.

Kroger, however has said he will not be apologising to Ramjan.

“This was about an attack on my reputation and today I have got my reputation back,” Ms Ramjan said.

“Everything I said to David Marr is true, I don’t step away from anything I said.”

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