The controversial political party leader has released a video guide on the BNP channel of him cooking up a beef stew with the title, ‘Recipe for beating the Tory blues.’

He says the video is aimed at BNP party members who recently complained that “their wives can’t afford to put enough decent food on the table.” However, consuming home grown food (all of the ingredients are, predictably, English) is not the only goal – multitasking Nick doesn’t forget to throw a few political messages into the mix.

Diving into the origins of the word ‘curry’ to prove Britain doesn’t need immigration, the controversial politician says: “Incidentally, the word ‘curry’ first appears from a cookery book during the reign of, I think it’s Richard II, 13th century, so don’t let people tell you that you have to have huge numbers of immigrants to have good cooking.”

Nick continues to enlighten the viewing public with his views on Mexican cookery: “We’ve got a Mexican restaurant in a town not far from here. The place isn’t swamped with Mexicans. You take the recipe – that’s really all you need.”

With messages like that, we think it’s safe to say Nick Griffin won’t be replacing Jamie Oliver any time soon.

Click here to watch the video in full.

Image credit: YouTube