This likeable “go with the flow” two-hander is the first show to emerge from
Improbable’s Associate Artist Project, a new venture offering support to
those with whom the innovative performance company has previously worked.

Actresses Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence are just like any pair of young
women – except that the diminutive Lisa often uses a wheelchair and is a
fraction of the height of her “normal” friend.
So when, armed with a tape recorder, they set about gathering proposals for
their new devised show the suggestions generated by members of the public
revealed subliminally contrasting attitudes depending on the way in which
they were elicited.

Punctuating their interpretations of the results by playfully, but
tellingly, rearranging life-sized tripartite photos of themselves, the duo
mimic, explore and act out the various ideas – including a catchy Dickensian
song and dance routine, executed by Lisa (in top hat and waistcoat and with
her infectious grin in full-on mode) which, as Rachael accompanies her on
the keyboard, expounds the advantages and drawbacks of having a much
commented upon cheeky face atop a tiny body.

A short, gently probing affair, it shows the strength of their friendship
whilst exposing how swiftly character judgements are made according to
appearances and the circumstances under which one or the other of the duo
is, for different reasons, unintentionally sidelined.

It’s a long way from
conventional theatre but, unfussily staged under the direction of
Improbable’s Lee Simpson, makes its point in an original and unpreachy way. 


Young Vic, The Cut, SE1 8LZ
Tube: Southwark / Waterloo
0207 922 2922

Until 31 July
£17.50 (under 26’s £10)


Louise Kingsley