There are no plans for a reshuffle of federal cabinet, acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard says.

There has been speculation Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may look to reshape his front bench over the Christmas period with Treasurer Wayne Swan mooted as a possible casualty.

But Gillard, said on Sunday that the Labor front bench had been performing well in the 12 months since coming to office and that there were no plans for a reshuffle.

“I think it is the furthest thing from his mind and he’s been very clear, there will be no reshuffle,” Gillard told ABC Television.

“Speculation, for whatever reason has come into the media about the potential of a reshuffle over the Christmas period and the prime minister has ruled that out.”

Rudd said in an interview published at the weekend ahead of the 12 months since Labor’s election victory that he was more than satisfied with his team’s performance.

“The team … across the board is performing really well … I think it’s a pretty well-oiled machine and I have no particular plans for any changes,” Rudd said.

The prime minister was getting the best out of his team, Gillard said.

“I think the team has responded well to moving from opposition into government and they’ve got on with the job that we’ve asked them to do – deliver the promises and build the foundations of long-term reform.”

“I think the team has worked well together and worked well supporting him.”