He’s cruised into London’s Chinatown in Soho just in time – and has become quite the celebrity.

Guanming said he was inspired to make the trip when he witnessed the flag handover at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

He made to trip to ‘spread the Olympic spirit’. Londoner John Beeston met Guanming lost and bewildered on Regents Street. He told the BBC “At first I assumed it was a tourist rickshaw. Then I looked back and thought ‘No, this is something different’.
“I spoke with my limited Mandarin, asking if he was Chinese and he burst into life.”

Beeston then took his new friend to Chinatown where he told the story of his adventure, transporting his rickshaw since 2010 covering 16 countries, through war zones and freezing temperatures – and nearly 90,000 miles.

The tenacious rickshaw cyclist had already journeyed all the way from his home in China to Bejing back in 2008 and he’s keen to be a part of tomorrow night’s opening ceremony. 

“London is especially beautiful. People are very friendly. They always show warmth towards me.” he told the BBC.

Main image: Chen Guanming in 2008 following his 65,000 kms journey across China (Getty images)

Listen to an AudioBoo interview as the BBC’s Richard Main met Chen Guanming.