But for even the most strong-willed, giving up what is often a lifetime of addiction to smoking can be very difficult. If your body has been conditioned to expect regular intakes of nicotine and other chemicals then the removal of these understandably feels more than unpleasant.

Therefore to conquer this craving, the e-cigarette plays a vital role in helping smokers move away from regular cigarettes towards an eventual totally smokeless lifestyle. Thanks to an impressive array of flavoured e-liquids combined with nicotine and consumed in a process known as vaping, e-cigarettes satisfy the craving that comes with smoking. However without the damaging chemicals found in the comparatively archaic methods of getting a nicotine fix, the next generation of smoking devices has been found by the NHS to be roughly 90% safer than their predecessors.

From a social perspective as well it’s no secret that the vast majority of non-smokers don’t want to spend their time hanging out in harmful clouds of dense second-hand smoke. Such a divide can be a real barrier to the relationships smokers have with those close to them that don’t partake, so some kind of alternative is vital to get past this issue. Vaping plays a key role from this perspective, releasing a virtually harmless vapour instead of chemicals that will damage the lungs of all those in close proximity.

So if you feel the urge to take a few puffs of an e-cigarette, the act of vaping is fortunately quick and easy to do, not to mention discrete. Whilst it’s always worth checking with your host or the owner of the venue if they’re ok with you doing so, just the click of a button and you’re good to go.

If you therefore are a smoker and looking to make a real difference to your health then there really isn’t a better time than on No Tobacco Day. Vaping has helped and is currently helping millions everywhere overcome their demons in a way that is measured, familiar and also importantly relatively cheap when compared to the constant spending that comes with packets of cigarettes. Online can be found plenty of articles and communities more than happy to answer your questions about making the transition, so be prepared to take back control and stop your addictions from ruling you.