Travellers may think that because they’re on a working holiday visa, they can’t get a “proper” job. But that’s a myth – you can earn decent wedge without much experience too.

Even with bare minimum experience, a childcare worker could be earn upwards of $21/hour, while a nurse working full time can clear over $1,500 per week.

There’s such a shortage of qualified health workers in Australia that it’s very much a worker’s market.

If you’re yet to drag yourself off the beach and into an agency, there’s a few things worthsorting out, sharpish.

Most important is registering. It’s easy to do online. It can cause delays later if you don’t get itsorted straight away.

Getting hold of a reference (such as MIMS) is advisable, as is getting your head around Australian drug brand names as soon as you can.

Then it’s all about deciding where and what you want to do.
“Our nurses typically work hours to suit their travel and social life,” says JP Nurseforce MD John Moore.

Another bonus for travelling nurses is that an Australian labour shortage means there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities for those wanting to extend their stays.

Childcare workers are also a sought after Down Under.

A recent rise in pay rates means that this worthy job could have you walking out the door with between $21 and $30/hour, depending on your experience.

But experience isn’t essential. If you have worked previously in your local creche, or done some babysitting, then grab some references and you should be in. 

“In childcare you need loads of patience” says Shaun Michaeil of Child Care Crew. Being flexible and working well with both parents and children are a given and experience is a plus.

“Don’t forget that when you get home you will have gained some valuable experience, along with a great opportunity to work alongside locals.”

Agency Contacts
JP Nurseforce
Ph: (03) 9617 9000, 

Critical Care St Judes
Ph: 1300 687 737,

Nursing Agency Australia
Ph: 1300 139 366,

Allied Medistaff 
Ph: (02) 9368 1501,

24/7 Nursing 
Ph: (02) 9314 7744, 

123 Careers
Ph: 1800 728 799,

Child Care Crew 
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