The grand Château de Bellevue had a beautiful twin staircase, arched entrances and was set in Yvrac, the a little wine-making village near Bordeaux.

It was well and truly in need of repair, so the Russian owner Dimistry Stroskin applied for a permit to restore it.

When the permit came in he hired a Polish building firm to demolish a smaller building on the grounds of the estate. As fate would have it, the one that was supposed to be flattened is the only building still standing. Ooops.

The owner said to French paper Sud-Ouest: “I had no idea the chateau had been destroyed. I’m in shock.

“Even if it was in a very bad way, I wanted to renovate it.”

Meanwhile, the villagers are up in arms: “This wasn’t a slip of a digger, it was blatantly done on purpose,” said one local to M6 television station.

Juliette Marmie told the Daily Telegraph: “The Chateau de Bellevue was Yvrac’s pride and joy.

“The whole village is in shock. How can this construction firm make such a mistake?”

Picture: Getty