The Richmond Park and north Kingston MP opposes the runway, and says Heathrow should be forced to manage its flight capacity instead.

Goldsmith said: “If we were to stand at the next election with a manifesto which includes a third runway, I suspect that a number of what are existing Conservative seats would no longer be Conservative seats in this area.”

But fellow Tory MP Tim Yeo said if Britain was to remain economically competitive, a third runway was necessary for Britain.

Yeo, MP for Suffolk South, says the UK needs an international airport that is even more globally connected, particularly to expanding markets, such as Asia.

“We have to have good links to them if we are to remain competitive,” he said.

London Mayor Boris Johnson is another critic of the third runway option at Heathrow, instead campaigning for a new airport in the Thames Estuary, which has been dubbed “Boris Island”.

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