Career nursing in Australia

TNT spoke to Kristie Horn, 29, a Career Nurse who now lives in Sydney, Australia

How long were you in London and why did you leave?
I lived in London and Northern Ireland for 18 months but I came home when my best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid.

What do you do for a living back in Australia?
I moved into medical sales full-time and casual nursing shifts in theatre.

Did your overseas experience help you find a job?

With regard to my nursing career, working for an agency definitely increased my experience while allowing me to work in different specialities such as paediatric and neonates. Being an agency nurse increased my confidence in my ability to adapt to different speciality areas.

What do you miss most?
Everything, from my favourite pub – the Boathouse in Putney – to dodgy Sundays at the Church; also my friends and the efficient public transport.