Yesterday afternoon a girl from Red Beach School was approached by a Caucasian man in a two-door white vehicle, who offered her a ride home. She declined and told her mother what had happened.

Julie Hepburn, principal of Red Beach School, said “Our local police were immediately informed of this incident and patrol cars were alerted. We are very proud of our student for acting bravely and clear headed in what was a stressful incident.” 

The man described by the schoolgirl fitted the description of the offender who grabbed a five-year-old boy in the area on Monday afternoon. 

The boy was walking just metres behind his mother when someone, driving what has been described as a white ”ice cream truck”, approached him, reports Luckily the boy was able to struggle free.

The man was described as Caucasian, about 40 years old and with dark curly hair. He was walking with a distinct gait, possibly due to a disability.

Detective Sergeant Megan Gould said: “There will be quite a bit of concern about any parent that hears this. I don’t want to be ramping up concern about this, but it is a serious matter.” She also warned that children should not walk to school alone.

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