UK pension plan

We ask Luke White, from 1st Contact for some advice on UK pensions.

Q. I’m planning on heading back to Australia at the end of the summer. What should I do about my UK pension plan. I’ve heard I can take this money home with me, but I’m guessing they’re not going to let me have anything in cash. I’ve also been told that I can just leave my pension savings here, but I’m worried that I might not be able to access them when I want to.

A Once you have left the UK for good and are back in Australia you will need to find a superannunation fund that has QROPS status (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme). The pension providers will then be able to arrange the transfer on your behalf. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to cash it out. There are a list of schemes on the hmrc website – just search for QROPS at You should aim to have the transfer completed within six months after leaving the UK. It is definitely worth consolidating your pension arrangements and will be easier to administer in the future.

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