Fuel prices started falling in New
Zealand on Wednesday.

Among the major companies Shell dropped the price of diesel by 6
cents per litre at 3.30pm, and was followed by Caltex at 5pm.

Gull has also dropped its diesel price.

The price of petrol remained unchanged.

Shell said there continued to be a lot of instability in the New
Zealand dollar, but the diesel refined price had fallen enough to
allow a 6c decrease at the pump.

Diesel at the majority of Shell and Caltex outlets is now priced
at 141.9c a litre, while petrol is 189.9c a litre for 91 octane and
194.9c a litre for 95 octane.

At Gull sites diesel was selling for 140.9c a litre, while one
site was selling the fuel at 139.9c, said the company’s general
manager, Dave Bodger.

The price of diesel has dropped 44 cents a litre since July 8 and
the last diesel price decrease was 6c on October 1.

None of the other major oil companies could be immediately
reached to find out whether they would also drop the price.