The Trans Asia expedition set off from London on April 9 with 16 adventurous travellers and two Oasis Overland crew.

Travelling for 17 weeks through 17 countries, the intrepid group will arrive at their final destination, Beijing, on August 5. From Beijing, the group of travellers will go their separate ways while the Oasis Overland crew will bring the expedition vehicle back to Kyrgyzstan where a new group of intrepid explorers will join them for a 78 day expedition to Istanbul.

During their journey, the current group have travelled through Europe visiting iconic cities such as Prague and Budapest as well as getting off the tourist trail in Romania and Eastern Turkey.

Following the Silk Road through Iran, they crossed the Kavir desert and explored Persepolis, Esfahan and Tehran before entering Turkmenistan to see the fascinating and slightly bizarre ‘White City’ of Ashgabat, the barren Kara-Kum Desert and extraordinary Darvaza Gas Craters.

Chris Wrede, Director of Oasis Overland, said: “Our crew leading the expedition tell us the journey has been fantastic so far.

“The people of Iran in particular have been extremely friendly and welcoming. Inquisitive but polite, they were so pleased to see foreign travellers again after so many years and the group were visited by the Ministry of Tourism.”

Adventure travellers can book their tickets for Oasis Overland’s next trip, which travels for 78 days from Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan to Istanbul in Turkey.

Image credit: malcandgrace