It’s been exactly125 years since seminal Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh died. Allegedly a fan of the spirit absinthe, Van Gogh inspired and confused in equal measure – just like the much-misunderstood spirit.

By way of celebrating Van Gogh’s creativity, ‘The Bonneville’ – a French bar and restaurant in Hackney that specialises in obscure absinthe varieties – has created a special absinthe-inspired cocktail menu.

“One of the biggest myths surrounding absinthe is that it’s hallucinogenic,” says owner Ruairi Giles. “Although in extremely high doses this may be true, absinthe is a more versatile drink than people give it credit for.”

“Over the past few years there has been a saturation in the market of gin, vodka and whiskey. Absinthe is relatively untouched and ripe for exploration.”

Here’s a video link to watch Ruairi Giles make some of his favourite absinthe cocktails:

Alternatively try Ruairi’s top three absinthe cocktails at The Bonneville:

1/4oz Absinthe
30ml Cognac
30ml Whiskey
10ml Sugar Syrup
Double Dash Angosturra Bitters Double Dash Peychauds Bitters Garnish with orange zest. Lightly coat the inside of the frozen glass with absinthe. Pour already shaken mix into glass. Add orange zest garnish.

Green Beast
30ml absinthe 30ml Sugar Syrup 40ml Water
Build drink in slightly chilled cocktail glass. Add ingredients in above order. Add ice and then three pieces of thinly sliced cucumber around sides of glass. Top up with water if necessary. 

The Absinthe Suissesse
10ml Orgeat
40ml Half cream half milk Dash of Orange flower water 30ml Absinthe
Egg white
Dry shake ingredients then add ice and shake again. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.