The Occupation is protesting against the hijacking of Britain’s democracy by the five extremist, right-wing, tax-avoiding, media-billionaires.

An Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week spokesperson said: “The People’s Trial of Rupert Murdoch will hear evidence of his war crimes, tax avoidance, political blackmail, phone hacking and environmental destruction. The people will then act as a citizens’ jury and give their verdict.  If found guilty the judge will order that we Reclaim The Sun.”

Reclaim The Sun will be a mass shout-out protest rally, held at 2pm following The People’s Trial of Rupert Murdoch. Confirmed speakers include Max Keiser (The Keiser Report), Amelia Womack (deputy leader the Green Party), John Christensen (director tax justice network), Lindsey German (convenor Stop the War Coalition) and David Mulholland (political satirist).

At the end of the Reclaim The Sun Rally, there will be a Beating of the Bounds Procession at 4pm held around the News UK HQ.  People are asked to bring drums, gongs and pots and pans and seeds. T

A shout-out has gone out for peaceful non-violent direct action activists from across Britain to converge at the Occupy Camp at 7.00pm for a special action.

The spokesperson added: “It is time to remove Rupert Murdoch and the other four extremist media billionaires from our fourth estate and ensure the press reflects the needs of all the people and not just the one per cent corporate billionaire class. 

We call on Ofcom to immediately declare all five to be not fit and proper persons to hold media proprietorships.”