British Summer Time (BST) kicks in at 1am with the aim of making sure that we all benefit from those long, warm sunny evenings we all enjoy so much here in the UK. Some hope.

BST was first introduced in the UK in 1916, but there are plenty who think we shouldn’t bother. The Independent points out that studies have shown a rise in the number of heart attacks and suicide attempts around the time the clocks go forward. This could be due to the disruption of our circadian rhythms.

A 17 per cent rise in car accidents has also been recorded in the week after the change – possibly because drivers are more tired and less attentive due to lack of sleep combined with less light in the morning. Less sleep can also lead to irritability – and that translates into more relationship squabbles.

Put it that way and it hardly seems worth the trouble, does it? But it’s going to happen anyway – so don’t forget!