Channel 4 has been slammed by media watchdog Ofcom for airing Frankie Boyle’s jokes about Katie Price’s son Harvey.

Ofcom has said that Channel 4 breached broadcasting guidelines by airing the comments on controversial series Tramadol Nights.

The media regulator received hundreds of complaints about the comments by Boyle who joked that Katie and ex-husband Peter Andre didn’t want to keep the model’s disabled son and were fighting over who would not win custody.

Katie Price complained that the comments were offensive and discriminatory, but Channel 4 said that the joke was not about Harvey but was “aimed clearly at Katie Price and Peter Andre, painting them as cynically exploiting a child in custody proceedings in the media.”

Channel 4 also said that viewers were given strong warnings about the show, which was broadcast at 10pm, an hour after the watershed.

But Ofcom said that “intended satire in the two comments was … obscured by their straightforward focus on Harvey Price and his disability.”

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