In A Forest Dark And Deep

Bit by bit, the truth emerges in American Neil LaBute’s latest two-hander – and it definitely hurts as fading beauty Betty enlists the help of her younger blue-collar brother to pack up the incriminating contents of her cabin in the woods.

Olivia Williams’ as former wild child Betty (who believes academic status – and a pack of lies – can obliterate her teenage reputation) and Lost’s Matthew Fox as surly Bobby (constantly bringing old resentments to the surface) give strong performances as the antagonistic siblings.

But despite the twists, it’s a drawn out process and, although it wouldn’t be fair to give away what’s really been going on, LaBute, who also directs, makes it too obvious too soon just why she’s summoned him, rather than her unseen husband, to bail her out.


Vaudeville Theatre, Strand WC2R 0NH
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Until June 4

– Louise Kingsley