An 18 year old sportswoman chosen to be an Olympic ambassador has denied looting in the London riots, PA reports.

Chelsea Ives denied all four counts at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court.

She will appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court next week.

Ives who was turned in by her mother Adrienne after she saw her among rioters on TV allegedly threw bricks during the riots in Enfield on Sunday.

Adrienne , 47, told the Evening Standard that her decision to shop her daughter was ‘gut-wrenching.”

She and her husband Roger were watching TV at home in Leytonstone when they saw the drama unfold.

“Roger and I were watching the TV news and it was absolutely sickening,” she told the Sun.

“And then we saw our daughter.”

“I could not believe it. For a minute we did not know what to do”.

 “But then, what could normal honest parents do? How can you sit there and see that and say, "That's OK"? We were watching people lose their homes and businesses. As parents we had to say, "She can't get away with that".

“I will be portrayed as a bitch – but what are you supposed to do?”

"We've no regrets and would do the same again," she added..

“My children have always been taught right from wrong. We were not being brave, it's what any right-thinking person would have done.”

Chelsea, decribed as a “talented sportswoman is an Olympic volunteers due to help out at the games next year.

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