To avoid things going wrong, such as problems caused by the wind and rain on the night, the music, which features an anthem by Mark Ronson and Elbow’s Games theme tune, will be comprised of pre-recorded music, it has been revealed. 

Horace Trubridge, assistant general secretary of the Musicians Union and a member of the 2012  Olympics sub-committee, has revealed in a paper:

At a meeting with LOCOG in 2011 I was told that all of the music for these ceremonies would be pre-recorded as they would be trying to eliminate any risk of things going wrong. For instance, if it’s windy and raining, the microphones might not work properly.”

He went on to say in his report that he pointed out that given the monolithic amount of organising that goes in to the games, it must not be beyond the realms of possibility to set up microphones that could handle such weather as a British summertime could throw at it. 

The opening and closing ceremonies will still feature pre-recorded music along with a elements of live music too. 

The Beijing Olympics in 2008 were widely criticised for their mix and match policy which resulted in a Lin Miaoke miming singing the opening ceremony because the young girl who actually sang the song, Yang Peiyi, was less visually pleasing’. 

Photo: Getty.