The vehicle –  usually limited to 56mph as it carries passengers around Reading – became the fastest-ever regular bus as it hurtled around the Millbrook Proving Ground.

The ‘moo’ bus runs on biomethane compressed natural gas derived from cows’ meadow muffins, and is painted in black-and-white livery to resemble a Friesian cow. The fuel is stored in seven tanks inside the roof of the bus.

John Bickerton, chief engineer for Reading Buses, told the BBC the company wanted to highlight the viability and power of buses fuelled by cow manure.

“Most importantly we wanted to get the image of bus transport away from being dirty, smell and slow,” he said. “We’re modern, fast, and at the cutting edge of innovation. It was an impressive sight as it swept by on the track. It sounded like a Vulcan bomber – the aerodynamics aren’t designed for going 80mph.”

The record was confirmed by the UK Timing Association, whose chief timekeeper Trevor Duckworth said the bus had been “quite a sight”.

Britain’s first human poo bus was launched last November on a route between Bristol and Bath.