Online travel agency also found that 98 per cent of those who lost their virginity on holiday never saw the person they slept with again after going home.

Worse, a massive 61 per cent admitted that they now regretted losing it while abroad.

When asked what kind of holiday they’d been on when they popped their cherry, a whopping 47 per cent said it had been an “18-30s style” getaway.

However, it would appear that a rowdy holiday isn’t necessarily what tourists need to get randy. Almost a third – 29 per cent – said they had been on a “quiet holiday with friends” when they got down and dirty.

And 16 per cent had been on a “family holiday” when they stole away to get it on.

The survey also found that half of everyone polled had enjoyed a holiday romance. Of the 49 per cent who said they had met someone abroad, 12 per cent continued the relationship once the holiday was over.

But the vast majority – 72 per cent – said that what had happened on holiday stayed on holiday, while 16 per cent said the romance had continued only “briefly” after getting home.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, said: “When on holiday, you need to be really careful when it comes to mixing with people you don’t know. As silly as it may sound to some, ‘stranger danger’ is a real worry and should be taken seriously. More than that, jumping into anything too quickly could well end in a broken heart for some.”