Today, the capital is host to lots of new and amazing buildings, but alongside these sit historical buildings which have been around for 100s of years.

Open House, which started 25 years, embraces the old and new with a weekend of viewings across the capital which will see over 800 buildings involved to over a quarter of million people walking around.

With over 33 boroughs taking part in the festival, it gives people from all over Greater London a chance to see buildings closer to home. Such buildings to see include; Guild Hall, William Morris Gallery, Vestry House, Fulham Palace, Chiswick House, Keats House, Ben Franklin House, Ham House, The Fan Museum in Greenwich and The Gherkin in Broadgate.

As well as walking tours of Barking town centre, and guided bus trips around Becontree estate, you can also explore the railways with Crystal Palace subway the Underground Bunker used by Winston Churchill’s War Cabinet. Also featuring at the weekend, will be activities for the children – Open House Junior.

Although a majority of buildings are free to get into, favourite places to visit will either have large queues to get into or you will need to go through a ballot to get tickets, so try to plan ahead and make a list of what you really want to see.

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