If you’re one of the many who chose to make January a booze-free zone for charity, get thee to the nearest pub – you could be doing untold damage. 

That’s perhaps an over-exaggeration, but scientists and doctors said last week that a month off the turps can do more harm than good. It’s not the month sans alcohol that offends, but the inevitable epic piss-ups you’ll have to celebrate your “achievement”.

TV’s Dr Christian Jessen says it’s no achievement to not drink for a month, but a blight on society and our attitude to drinking that we consider it one.

The Royal College of Physicians agreed in evidence to a House of Commons science committee when they said it’s more sensible for us to have a couple of non-drinking days per week than a whole block of 31 days.

So where does that leave those with their hand out for Cancer Research (Dryathlon) or Alcohol Concern (Dry January)?

Well, they’re good people who’ve fallen for a clever marketing ploy devised by two perfectly worthy charities – and good on them all. 

Of course I’ve got nothing against charities raising cash to do great work, or even people having a rest from the grog should they choose to – not that it’s really worth considering for any reason other than serious illness or a sudden change of religion. 

What does irk me is that people feel the need to go cold turkey on anything.

Now is worst for it, with new year’s resolutions polluting every second conversation.

I sit, not alone, in the camp that believes if it’s worth changing, do it on the realisation of that, not because of an arbitrary date, and sure as shit don’t go on about it to me. 

I’ve had people in the past week tell me they’re giving up carbs, drinking nothing but juice, quitting smoking and deciding to less resemble a sloth, all because it became January.

All but one has fallen off the wagon, and I wish he would have a dart and quit whinging about it.

Fact is, these things done in moderation, like their naughty cousin drinking booze, would enhance their lives, but for some reason we need a slogan, cause or fad to do them. 

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Bomb threat met by sensible AFP

An Aussie teen got a shock after he took to Twitter in transit in Sydney and said he wanted the terminal blown up. 

Anthony Palazzolo, 17, wrote: “I’m actually determined to bomb Sydney airport it’s actually so shit”, “Petition to burn down Sydney airport” and more.

Now, young Palazzolo was likely not up for bombing, burning or organising a petition, but what he wrote was truly stupid.

His flippant bitching (all airports are shit, mate, get over it) would have sent security filters into overdrive, and forced Australian Federal Police officers – who try to catch real crooks – to investigate. 

They met him like a common terrorist when he got to Melbourne and hauled him off the plane in front of his family.

Then, satisfied he’d sufficiently soiled his pants, let him go.

“The incident was determined to be a hoax and no further action will be taken,” an AFP spokesman confirmed. A valuable lesson in idiocy learned.