I’m really not sure why anyone would take a picture of their dick in a glass of wine, much less a married MP on the Australian parliament’s ethics committee. A mind that would dream up this bizarre vignette is perplexing enough; making the decision to then text the image to your mistress makes me wonder whether a medical professional oughtn’t intervene.

I’m not convinced I’d ever find a cock plonked in a glass of anything a turn-on, even if Brad Pitt himself were to insert his spam javelin into finest Cristal and send me the resulting portrait. Nope, not even if he added an arty Instagram filter.

Dowling resigned, and so he should. It’s a bit difficult to justify your position on a committee that handles complaints about the behaviour of politicians when the chick you’ve reportedly been banging behind the back of your wife of 27 years is alleging to anyone who’ll give her air time that you holed up together in hotels paid for by the people’s money.

But even if he weren’t on such a committee, surely it would’ve been the right decision to stand down. And yet we all know the mirthfully monikered US pollie Anthony Weiner wouldn’t agree – he’s refusing to back out of the New York City mayoral race after getting caught up in his second sexting scandal within three years (married Weiner also liked sending pics of his dick to the ladies).

The argument that a pollie’s sex life has nothing to do with his ability to perform well in public office is just wrong, especially when it comes to sexting. Just how dumb do you have to be to not only record evidence of your doing the dirty, but put it straight into the hands of the person you’re doing the dirty with?

I’d prefer the people who make decisions about things that affect my life possess a smattering of intelligence. Put your dick in your wine on your own time if you must, but please don’t be stupid enough to let anyone know about it.

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Far Right are not scary, just stupid

I’d be afraid of the far right if they didn’t take every opportunity to demonstrate that their bigoted ignorance results from a special brand of deranged dimwittedness. Case in point, Aussie One Nation party candidate Stephanie Banister telling Channel 7 last week that she “doesn’t oppose Islam as a country”.

This bright spark then went on to claim the government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme was working well, despite it not taking effect until 2016. Right-wing politicians have a real gift for showing off the fetid brain matter responsible for their opinions – take Republican Sarah Palin stating this piece of foreign policy in 2010: “Obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.” 

When we live in a world run by the far right, I will be long dead, for it will be because humans have devolved back to drooling Neanderthals – no doubt thanks in part to all that sexting.


Photos: peterdowling.com.au; YouTube