Technically I should be in the kitchen right now, but I thought I could share a few thoughts, not that my tiny lady brain can process much.

Yesterday in a Radio 5 interview former racer Moss suggested the fairer sex lacks the “mental aptitude” to compete in the same league as men in terms of Formula 1. “I think they have the strength, but I don’t know if they’ve got the mental aptitude to race hard, wheel-to-wheel”.

It’s one of the few sports where both genders can contend in the same arena, and yes, we may not have seen many women actually race, but there are justifications behind this, and it isn’t the size of our thinking machines.

The beautiful irony of this is that he never won a championship in his career as a Formula 1 driver, yet his little sister, Pat Moss, is still considered one of the best rally drivers of all time.

“The trouble is, when you’re racing, it’s pretty tiring,” he state. Oh that must be it, we get tired too easily, my mother felt that way when she was in labour for 17 hours with me, my mistake Moss.

Let’s look at statistics, in 2012, a survey of 700 people by showed that 57% of men had been in one or more accidents, compared to 44% of women. So it’s not Silverstone, but that should stop the stereotype in its tracks.

And the science of it? Formula 1 is hugely focused on response and reaction, not to mention spatial awareness, skills that do not vary based on gender, a these skills deteriorate with age. So there’s no issue there especially considering mental strength is just as important as the physical.
But if Moss does want evidence that women are capable. Danica Patrick (pictured above). She became the first woman to get pole position at the Daytona 500 earlier this year. How about Susie Wolff from Scotland, who was signed as one of this seasons William’s test driver.

Hopefully this gives women the icon they need like every Formula 1 driver has so we can change the stakes. And when women do participate? They’ll know which pit they’re in, that’s more than I can say for Hamilton.