Pakistani flood survivors are still waiting for aid as more rain hampers efforts to get to people displaced by the disaster. An appeal for donations to help the victims has been launched.

Two million people have been left homeless by the floods in Pakistan and 1,500 are dead. Hundreds of thousands of flood victims are still without food and water and are staying in makeshift camps waiting for help.

The floods are the worst that Pakistan has seen and president Asif Ali Zardaru has been heavily criticised for continuing with his state visit to Britain and Europe this week.

A UN World Food Programme spokesperson said: “People have lost their food stocks. The markets are not up and running. Shops have collapsed. People are definitely in the greatest need of food.”

In the Swat valley, which has been hardest hit by the floods, there are fears that disease will spread and reports of cholera cases have already emerged.

Want to help?

The Disasters Emergency Committee – comprising a group of 13 UK humanitarian aid agencies – has set up an automated donation line is 0370 60 60 900 or go to