A Palestinian was shot dead after violence erupted in the West Bank, AP reports.

Israeli soldiers open fired after skirmishes broke out between settlers and Palestinians near the village of Qusra.

The dead man, identified as 35-year-old Issam Badran, was shot in the neck, a Palestinian medic confirmed. Another wounded Palestinian was reportedly taken away by the army.

The shooting follows increased tensions between Palestinians and Israel as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' seeks U.N. recognition for Palestinian statehood.

Outdoor screens were erected to allow West Bank residents to watch Abbas' speech.

"I am going to listen to Abbas' speech because it will tell us our future and our destiny, and we are expecting so much from him, to declare our state," Hebron student Khalil Jaberi, 21, told the news agency.

Israeli security forces were on stand by in case of violence but so far clashes at sites such as Qalandiya, Nabi Saleh and Bilin have been largely confined to stone throwing by Palestinians and tear gas deployment from the Israeli army.


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