Leaping off buildings, jumping off walls, flipping off railings. To watch, it looks effortless, but the level of fitness and the hours of practice freerunners put into their trade speaks volumes about how difficult it really is.

Push your own personal boundaries and the laws of physics by becoming part of this growing urban sport. Parkour Generations offers classes across London that teach you to do all things about the pursuit, in a swift and graceful way (yes, it is possible).

In 1.5-2 hour classes every weeknight, you will improve your balance, strength and endurance, and learn to do things that seem, well, impossible.

Parkour Generations maintains you will be hooked as soon as you try it, and they pitch it more as a lifestyle change than a hobby, with an emphasis on personal health, diet and safety.

Each class features a warm-up and a cool-down around multi-purpose drills tailored to each person, so your body will adapt at its own pace. Class prices range from free classes on the last Sunday of every month to £10/pp for more advanced students for about two hours.
Various locations

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