The Parliament Square protest camp
has been evicted after losing a Court of Appeal battle to stay on last
week. Police officers ad 60 bailiffs arrived under the cover of
darkness to boot the peace protestors from their makeshift home.

protesters have been in Parliament Square since May 1 to protest
against the war in Afghanistan and a range of other issues, but a court
ruled last week that the ‘Democracy Village’ could not remain.

Last night, despite a handful of activists tied themselves to scaffolding and trees, the Parliament Square camp was evicted.

fence has been put up around the square and cleaners arrived on the
site this morning to tear up camp sites and remove rubbish.

However, the Parliamant Square protestors have vowed to carry on.

“People from ‘Democracy Village’ are going to carry on with this protest. We’re not going away,” Pete Phoenix told AFP.

“Lots of areas around the city are going to be taken over in the next few days and weeks.

“Our spirit is stronger after this eviction.”

However, the eviction does not affect veteran protester Brian Haw,
who has been camped on the roadside opposite parliament since 2001.

Peace camp protestors given the boot   
London’s green suares and gardens

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