Estonian cuisine is a fusion of German, Russian and Scandinavian cooking.

Don’t be surprised if you find rabbit, bear sausages or even pig’s ears on your menu.Parnu itself has many café shops that offer coffee and tea with chocolate cake, but lovers of gourmet cuisine will also find restaurants with Estonian, French, Italian (called ‘pizza-baar’), Russian and even Mexican food.

But best to stick to what the locals enjoy. Mushrooms, mulgipuder (mashed potatoes with barley served with cubes of smoked meat), salted herring soup with country bread, warm sprat salad, blueberry pie or rose pudding.


While you will find fine wine from all over the world in restaurants and pubs,
Estonia is a country of beer drinkers. The two most popular local brews are
Saku and A. Le Coq.

You will also come across some super-refined Estonian vodka brands. If you come
across the practice of vodka being poured along the blade of a long sword
directly into your glass, you can be sure it’s the right stuff and sure to cut
you down after a only a few shots.

For an all nighter of local beers, try The Rolling Beer pub in a small obscure
courtyard near Nikolai Street. The Swedish owner is a fan of The Rolling
Stones, hence the name of his pub.


Tap water is safe to drink throughout Estonia.