Partner visas for Australia

Visa expert Lauren Mennie from answers your finance and visa quesitons.

Q. I
am Australian and have been living in the UK for the past four years on
an ancestry visa. I’ve been living with my British girlfriend for the
past 18 months.
decided we’d like to live in Australia for at least two years, and I’m
wondering what the options are for my girlfriend. Should she apply for
some kind of unmarried spousal visa or is she better off getting her
own visa? She’s 30 and is a primary school teacher.

A. The
best option is for your girlfriend to apply for a partner visa
(subclass 309). A very brief summary of the partner visa application
process: she needs to demonstrate that she’s been in a genuine and
continuing relationship with you; she’s been living with you for 12
months before applying; and that you have both been residing at the
same property for that period.

can do this by providing evidence of any joint financial commitments
you have, as well as other documentation that shows you have been
living at the same address (for example, utility bills in both names or
individual names over the same period).
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