The allegations have been made by an Australian civil servant who recently relocated to the UK as part of his sabbatical.

Sandi Logan, a former Canberra resident now based in London, described the driver (photographed) as ‘rude’.

He made detailed notes about the driver’s behaviour during the 10-hour trip.

Eurolines says it is taking the complaints seriously.

Logan said: ‘“The trip over to Amsterdam in late April was perfect, with a professional, pleasant and helpful driver, and a trouble-free journey.

“But the trip back was hell, and it started with a rude public lecture to a handful of late passengers at the Amsterdam terminal.

“There was a ban on any eating on board the coach, and regular smoking by the driver, with his window wide open.”

Logan, a former senior immigration executive, also described the guard’s advice on immigration proceedings as ‘appalling’.

He added: “The driver treated the 50 or so passengers like a kindergarten class, lording it over us with his control and power.

“He ticked all of the boxes on how not to deliver a service to paying customers of a normally reasonable and pleasant experience.  I found his advice on procedures with border guards to be appalling.”

Logan took notes during the trip. They detail 18 different complaints.

Eurolines says it is taking Logan’s claims seriously.

“We take all complaints very seriously and we are currently investigating this matter,” a UK spokesman told TNT Magazine.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further while the investigation is ongoing.”

In the meantime, Logan says his next bus trip will be with any bus line other than Eurolines.

“I don’t trust them after this disaster,” he said.

Image credit: Sandi Logan