Starring: Kevin James, Jayma Mays

Anyone who has watched sitcom The King Of Queens will be aware of Kevin James’ skills as a physical comedian.

Such is the man’s talent for throwing his weight around that he makes this stale Home Alone/Die Hard hybrid a lot easier to stomach.

James is immensely likeable as Paul Blart, an overly earnest security guard who works at a New Jersey shopping centre.

When a gang of nimble robbers takes over the mall, Blart has to summon up the courage to fight back like a jumbo-sized John McClane.

With the plot offering nothing new and the supporting cast – including Mays as love-interest Amy – largely forgettable, it’s up to James to single-handedly prop up Steve Carr’s comedy.

He does so with aplomb, bouncing off glass doors, falling out of air ducts and coming up short on his Segway.

James also manages to bring a fair amount of pathos to a character who could have easily been a one-dimensional lug.

Sadly, the comedian is let down by a script painfully low on funny dialogue.

Expect much bigger and better things from James in the future.

Good for: Those who think James is the king of sitcoms. PIERRE DE VILLIERS