Due to a tax bill, Paul Hogan – aka Crocodile Dundee – has been banned from leaving Australia. The unpaid taxes are reported to be at least $150 million.

Hogan, who is now 70 (unbelievable, right?), lives in LA with his wife and had just returned to Australia for the funeral of his mother Flo, who was 101.

The Crocodile Dundee star has been in dispute with the Australian taxmen for five years over taxes on earnings from the Crocodile franchise.

Hogan is said to be “horrified” that Australia is treating him so badly. His lawyer questioned whether the travel ban needed to be served the night before the funeral, pointing out that Hogan was hardly a flight risk.

“Where will he run to? He’s probably one of the world’s most recognised faces. He’s incredibly angry. His family are upset,” said Hogan’s lawyer.

“The hope is that we can work some reasonable terms to let Paul resume his ordinary life.

“Unless he can do that, I don’t see how it’s in anyone’s interest to lock him up in Australia, where he can’t work, can’t earn, can’t do anything even to pay any taxes ultimately found to be outstanding.

“The primary issue at the moment is to get him released so he can get back to his family.”

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