The woman who put a cat in the bin has become an international figure of hate and is being guarded by police around the clock for fear of vigilante attacks.

A video clip of Mary Bale putting pet cat Lola in a wheelie bin was watched all over the world as the media went into furies of cat-loving indignation.

The cat woman was identified as 45-year old bank worker Mary Bale and has been questioned by the police and the RSPCA. She has apologised Lola’s owners.

The Woman Who Threw The Cat In The Bin is villain of the moment, however. Spoof video, Revenge of the Cat, has become a Youtube sensation.


On a more serious note, Facebook has had to remove several groups which included threats to Bale’s life.

Turning a blind eye to the fact that your average British dinner contains the flesh of factory-farmed animals which have lived and died in huge suffering, the country has united in righteous anger against Bale.

Bale works in a branch of RBS in Coventry and is expected to lose her job after become such a publicly loathed figure. She is currently staying at her mother’s house with a 24-hour police guard.

Sure throwing a cat in the bin ain’t nice, but come on, isn’t there a more serious villain whose life we can ruin?

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