A pensioner who drove the wrong way around a roundabout and led police on a 10 mph chase only stopped when an officer ran after her car on foot and knocked on her window.

Finally coming to a halt Caroline Turner, 76, said to police: "Why, what have I done?" Colchester Magistrates' Court heard.

When the officer explained that she was driving erratically she replied: "There is nothing to discuss, I'm going home."

Turner was then held overnight in a police cell as police were concerned her driving could lead to an accident.

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Police were alerted to Turner’s crazy driving after she drove the wrong way round a roundabout in Thorpe, Essex on Tuesday. She then drove on the wrong side of the road into oncoming cars and ignored the police’s flashing lights for 27-miles forcing them to set up a road block and close part of the A12.

Turner, of Romford, Essex, admitted driving without due care and failing to stop when asked by police, and was disqualified from driving for 12 months, fined £100.

Magistrate Barry Wheatcroft said: "The safety of the public is paramount and your driving yesterday was a demonstration of driving which was careless bordering on dangerous."