Katie Price (sometimes incarnated as Jordan) has been banned from driving after being caught speeding in her Land Rover, apparently driving at 83mph in a 70mph zone.

It’s glamour model Katie Price’s third driving conviction this year and she was given a £1000 fine as well as having three points added to her license, bringing the total up to 13 and meaning a six-month ban from getting behind the wheel.

According to Katie Price’s lawyer, his client was speeding to get away from photographers. However the judge was unsympathetic, telling her:

“That goes with the territory doesn’t it?”

The judge also pointed out that the photographers hadn’t broken the speed limit, continuing: “The paparazzi weren’t prosecuted for speeding. That’s the real story.”

A statement from Katie Price’s lawyer read: read, “Katie accepts that whilst attempting to distance herself from paparazzi who were pursuing her she was guilty of speeding.”

Katie Price has been in trouble for her driving before and was found guilty of not being in control of her stylish 7.5 tonne pink horsebox in February after driving it into an oncoming lane of traffic.

Katie’s excuse that time? “I’m a typical woman driver.”

Nice one.