Perth Zoo’s longest resident, Tricia, had her allegiance put to the test when keepers put paintings of the Dockers and Hawks logos in front of the 56-year-old.

She lumbered straight up to the purple one, clearly pointing her trunk at the canvas, a video uploaded to YouTube shows.

“She really could have picked anything, so we were really pleased,” spokeswoman Debbie Read said.

The paintings were made by Tricia and her younger female herd member, Permai, as part of an enrichment program that gives the elephants physical and mental stimulation.

The keepers placed stencils of the team logos on the canvas and the elephants then sprayed them with paint.

Read said Perth Zoo’s male elephant, Putra Mas, also liked painting.

“They become very excited when the keepers appear with the painting equipment,” she said.

“They each paint with their own distinctive style and colour preference.

“We use vegetable-based non-toxic paint.”

The elephants also paint with their feet.

Read said the paintings were sold, with the funds going towards wildlife conservation.