Libby the mongrel sheepdog was disqualified by judges for answering the call of nature during the prestigious dog show event. After making a mess of the competition, she cheekily wagged her tail at the audience of spectators at Birmingham’s NEC.

Yvonne Taylor, spokesperson for PETA praised the defecating dog for her can-poo attitude:

“Libby is a true role model who showed independence, self-assurance and the ability to triumph over conformity. She is a dog who bows to no one, and we commend her for that.” said Taylor.

Crufts is no longer shown on BBC TV following a controversial documentary that exposed cruelty in pedigree dog breeding.

The RSPCA has also withdrawn its support for Crufts saying that dog shows “actively encourage both the intentional breeding of deformed and disabled dogs and the inbreeding of closely related animals. This is morally and ethically unjustifiable”.

See the moment when Libby did a poo at Crufts in the video below….