The LA Galaxy footballer says that he finds himself using
American terminology all of the time. He said that there are a few American
words creeping in and often calls his sons dude, as well as referring to the
lift as an elevator.

The Beckhams reportedly started taking elocution lessons two
years after they relocated to the US in an attempt to boost their prospects. He
has admitted that his sons were all developing accents.

Beckham also revealed that they have become more expressive
with their sense of fashion since they moved to the US, that they each have
their own style.

“You’ve got the oldest, Brooklyn, and he’ll wear his soccer
shirts and a T-shirt. Romeo is the fashion one, so he’ll go in and pick up
skinny jeans and a vintage T-shirt and a funny hat.”

Cruz is also a massive fan of Justin Bieber, “anything he’s
got Cruz wants, like the big high-tops with skinny jeans.”