As if frolicking with Johnny Vegas wasn’t enough, the PG Tips monkey (known formally as ‘Monkey’) has decided to release his own music video – a remake of George Michael’s Careless Whisper.

The much-loved puppet is seen canoodling with not one but two elegant (if slightly dubious-looking) ladies as he leafs through a copy of his new book – and he also manfully struggles with strategically-placed ropes and chains, much like George did in the 1984 video.



However, things don’t end well for the jacket-toting tea lover, as his blonde love interest finds out he’s been playing her for a fool with a brunette. And the smirk this elicits at 2.02 is well worth a watch.

What does this mean for Monkey? Will we be seeing more videos of this ilk, or will he be content to continue to converse with Johnny Vegas about hot beverages? Let’s hope his new-found musical fame doesn’t go to his head…