Island hopping

The Philippines has hundreds of islands with, you guessed it, thousands of beautiful beaches. Small enough to get across easily and relaxed enough not to be choked with big cities, traffic and pollution, there’s numerous different islands for just about every taste.


Amazing scenery

Take your pick from rainforest, reefs, volcanoes, mountains, and beaches. Beautiful.


Escape the tourist hordes

The Philippines is off the radar of most backpackers jaunting through south-east Asia. A shame for them, a bonus for those that go.


Colourful locals

Filipinos/Filipinas (male/female) are a colourful, lively bunch. If ever there was a country whose people were the complete contrast to the surly, gruff, unhelpful types found in so much of eastern Europe, it’s the Philippines. Getting crammed in a tiny bus isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but if you were – you’d want it to be here.


Rice terraces

The rice fields carved into the steep hills around Banaue are billed as a wonder of the world. Amid lush jungle scenery the hype doesn’t disappoint – they’re spectacular.


Departure from Manila

It’s curious that a country as interesting and fun as the Philippines, could have a capital that is so completely and utterly devoid of any redeeming features. Do not spend an hour longer here than you have to.


Need to know

Capital: Manila

Language: Filipino/English

Religion: Christian/Muslim/Buddhism

Currency: Filipino Peso (P) (PHP)

Time Zone: UTC plus 8 hours

Country Calling Code: +63

Hello: Kamusta

Goodbye: Paalam na

Please: Mangyaring

Thankyou: Salamat

Yes: Oo

No: Hindi

How much…: Magkano…

Where is…: Saan ang

Do you speak English?: Huwag kang makipag-usap English?

I don’t understand: Hindi ko maintindihan